Twin Lakes (I)

I’m sitting in a lodge of sorts, way down south in Mississippi. Jackson, Mississippi, to be exact. I shamefully admit that I had to look up both Jackson and Mississippi on a map yesterday before I set out just to figure out where I was going to be spending my week. I am here for the Twin Lakes Conference, a small but impactful conference sponsored primarily by First Presbyterian Church of Jackson (a.k.a. Ligon Duncan’s church). Attendance is expected to be around 250 men, the vast majority of whom seem to be Presbyterian pastors. Rumor has it I am the only Canadian in attendance. Among the speakers will be Ligon Duncan (obviously) and Thabiti Anyabwile.

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The conference is held on the grounds of Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center which is owned and operated by First Presbyterian Church. While I haven’t had time (or daylight) to check it out more thoroughly, it seems to be just an amazing facility and is by far the nicest church camp I’ve seen. Best of all, they have wireless internet here. That’s my kind of camp!

The conference kicks off this afternoon with Ligon Duncan speaking and I’ll be bringing updates as the day goes on. It seems to be a conference that is as much about the fellowship as the teaching, so I anticipate that this conference will be unique when compared to the many others I have visited and still will visit this year. It’s sure to be an interesting one.