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DVD Review – Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 1

“What can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” So says the apostle Paul in the first chapter of his letter to the Romans. For the Christian, we see God’s eternality and divinity displayed in all that He has made. We look at the world around us and know that design presupposes a Designer. But this is not clear to those who, by their worldview and their hatred of God, deny Him.

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I is the first in a series of DVDs presenting animals that have features which evolution simply cannot explain. It is hosted by David Hames and features commentary by Dr. Jobe Martin, a former evolutionist who is now a convinced creationist. Dr. Martin is a capable, charismatic speaker whose excitement is contagious as speaks about some animals we are all too familiar with, and some most of us have probably never heard of. The consistent theme is that each of these animals has body parts or functions that could not possibly have evolved over time. There is no such thing as a partial lung, a partial heart or a partial liver. And dead animals do not evolve.

Take the giraffe. The giraffe requires an incredibly powerful heart to pump blood against gravity all the way to the top of that long neck. But in order to drink the giraffe has to lower his head. Under normal circumstances this simple act would cause such a rush of blood to the head that the animal would immediately have an aneurysm and die. The powerful pump would cause such pressure that it would quite literally blow his brains out. But the giraffe has some special features that allow for this. But what happens if a lion suddenly approaches? We would expect that the giraffe would quickly raise his head, run two steps, and fall down in a feint for lack of blood to his head. As the lion began to eat him, the giraffe would be thinking that he really needs to evolve some way of combatting this. But dead animals do not evolve. God saw this eventuality and designed the giraffe in such a way that he can immediately normalize his blood pressure. This is only one of ten or twelve examples provided by Dr. Martin. Each one is explained simply and convincingly. Some will make you laugh, some will probably cause your jaw to drop, and all of them will cause you to appreciate God just a little bit more.

If I had to find an area where the DVD could do with improvement I would suggest that the presentation could benefit from more video and less photography. I have been spoiled by the amazing quality of video produced by National Geographic and many other studios, and would liked to have seen a little more video of that quality in Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I. Parenthetically, I will point out that further episodes in this series (reviews coming soon) address this concern.

I believe my five year old son enjoyed this presentation every bit as much as I did. It is ideal for the entire family. Watch it and I’m sure you will react the same way I did – with awe towards the Creator who made such a variety of creatures and designed each one with such detail and intricacy. He truly does reveal Himself through His Creation.

This video is not an apologetic for defending Creationism, but neither is it intended to be such. It simply and straightforwardly presents some incredible creatures which stand as evidence of God’s power and divinity. It would make a perfect addition to a church, school or public library. And of course it would be a welcome addition to your personal library. Well-produced, informative and lots of fun, I highly recommend this DVD.

The theology is strong throughout, consistently pointing to God’s sovereignty in Creation.
Special Features
The extra features are sparse – just a page-by-page recap of the incredible creatures.
There are plenty of DVDs promoting creationism, but Dr. Martin sets this one apart.
Ideal for the whole family. Let the children watch, learn and believe!
The first in a great series. I highly recommend it.
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