A Speaking Trip

It’s the first day of fall today and I’m kicking off the new season by setting out on a speaking trip. In just a few minutes I’ll jump aboard a really small plane (motion sickness guaranteed!) here in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and make my way to Providence, Rhode Island and from there to West Boylston, Massachusetts. Bethlehem Bible Church is the site of one of Wretched Radio’s Psalm 119 conferences and I will be speaking twice on the subect of spiritual discernment. I’m looking forward to spending some time there with Trevin Wax, Todd Friel, and others.

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The Psalm 119 conference wraps up on Saturday afternoon. As soon as it’s done I’ll be making the long flight from Boston to Los Angeles, California. On Sunday morning I’ll be speaking at two of the fellowship groups at Grace Community Church, one that is geared toward young families and the other toward the college crowd. The speaking times coincide with the times John MacArthur preaches, so unfortunately I won’t be able to worship at those services.

On Monday and Wednesday mornings I’ll be speaking in chapel at The Master’s College and on Tuesday evening I’ll do a Q&A with students. And there are a few other things going on as well: I’ll be dropping in on a class or two, getting a look at Grace To You and even doing a photo shoot with my pal Lukas Van Dyke.

While I’ve traveled a lot over the past 5 or 6 years, this trip somehow feels especially significant to me. I believe this may owe in large part to the length of the trip—6 days away is about as long as I’ve ever been away—and the fact that I am speaking so many times. I’ll be speaking or preaching at least 7 or 8 times in the days I’m away.

If you think of it, I’d be grateful if you’d pray for safe travels for me and for my health. I woke up in the night feeling like a head cold was starting to beat me up and ended up being awake for several hours. Needless to say, a bad cold might interfere more than a little bit. I’d also appreciate prayers that I might have words to speak to the people I’ll have the privilege and responsibility of speaking before in the days to come.