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I Pray That This Sinner May Be Saved

I Pray That This Sinner May Be Saved

We all know people who don’t know the Lord and, therefore, we all know what it is to plead for their salvation. This prayer by Philip Doddridge is drawn from Tim Chester’s new collection Into His Presence and gives words that can perhaps guide you in your prayers of supplication.

Almighty God, with you all things are possible. To you therefore I humbly apply myself on behalf of this dear immortal soul, this person who is perishing in their sins, and hardening themselves against that everlasting gospel which has been the power of God to the salvation of so many thousands and millions.

Oh, that after all their hardness and impenitence, you would still be pleased, by the sovereign power of your effectual grace, to awaken and convert them! You who made the soul can cause the sword of conviction to enter it. Oh, that in your infinite wisdom and love you would find a way to intervene, and save this sinner from death, from eternal death! You know, O God, they are a dying creature. You see a moment marked in the book of your decrees which will seal them up in an unchangeable state. Oh, that you would lay hold on them while they are still part of the living! Oh, let your sacred Spirit work while they are still within the sphere of his operations.

Work, O God, by whatever method you choose; only have mercy upon them so they do not sink into the depths of damnation and ruin, on the very brink of which they so evidently appear. Oh, that you would bring them, if that be necessary, and seem to you most expedient, into any depths of calamity and distress. Glorify your name, O Lord, and glorify your grace, in the method which your infinite wisdom shall deem most expedient. Only grant, I pray you, with all humble submission to your will, that this sinner may be saved.

To him who has loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, and has made us kings and priests to God, to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever.


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