Sunday Ramblings

Just a couple of things I’ve wanted to mention but haven’t fit anywhere else…

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Music: – A couple of weeks ago I received Asleep in a Storm, the latest album from Sovereign Grace Ministries. “Produced by Jeremy White, a member of Grace Church (San Diego, CA), the CD features a fresh take on nine previously released songs, plus one new instrumental track from Jeremy. You’ll hear original vocals from Shannon Harris, Vikki Cook, and others, presented in a whole new way.” I’m not so sure of my music terminology anymore, but I suppose this would just be considered dance or techno music. I’ll be honest and say that it’s really not my thing; I’ve never been a fan of dance music. But the CD still brings good, God-glorifying songs in a way that is sure to appeal to a whole new audience.

While we’re on the subject of music, being the Petra geek fan that I am, I recently bought Vertical Expressions, the new album by John Schlitt and Bob Hartman (i.e. “II Guys from Petra”). I was pleasantly surprised. It basically just brings a list of popular worship songs performed by John and Bob. If you’re a Petra fan, I guess you can’t argue with that.

Facebook – A little while ago my wife signed me up for a Facebook account. She had recently discovered the joys of the site and thought I’d enjoy it as well. I haven’t found it all that useful but I suppose that may owe to the fact that I’ve got a blog and assume that most of my friends who want to keep up with my life can do it that way. Still, it’s been fun to link up with some old friends and to meet some new ones.

I got to thinking about Facebook the other day and realized it may well represent the Internet’s greatest bonanza of user information. Sooner or later a big company is going to buy it and will take advantage of millions of people, all of whom share their interests, passions, educations, vocations and so on. Facebook does not currently feature and significant targeted advertising, but it is really just a matter of time, I’m sure, before they do. And with all that information we’re pouring into it, you can be certain that they’ll do so successfully. The site must already be worth billions to Google, Microsoft, and other companies that enjoy the profit that comes with Net-based advertising.