Books I Recommend: Parenting

There are few challenges greater than raising children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord and few challenges for which most Christians feel less equipped. Here are my recommendations of books on parenting.

Top Recommendation

Gospel-Powered Parenting by William Farley. While it is by no means the perfect book on parenting, Farley excels at showing how the gospel matters in our parenting.

The purpose of the book, as you might gather from the title, is to focus on the gospel as the most important power in parenting. It is not the parents—their efforts, prayers, hopes, dreams—that ultimately ought to shape parenting. Instead, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the power that needs to be at the center of all we are, all we do, as parents. And this is exactly what Farley teaches through the 230 pages of Gospel-Powered Parenting—he shows how to apply the gospel to every aspect of parenting and, further, how the gospel is really foundational in all that we do as parents. We cannot effectively teach or discipline or care for our children if we ignore the gospel. This is the message of the book and it is one we, as Christian parents, do well to ponder and to heed.

Other Recommendations


  • Going Public by David and Kelli Pritchard – A must-read for parents of children who are in public schools.
  • Get Outta My Face by Rick Horne – It’s for the parents of teens, if the title didn’t tip you off.

I would also point you to my review of Mike & Debi Pearl’s To Train Up a Child (a popular book I do not recommend).