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New and Notable Christian Books for April 2024

New and Notable Books

It is surprisingly difficult to find a list of Christian books that have been released in any given month—especially if you want that list to be filtered by books released through particular publishers. That’s one of the reasons why I close each month by coming up with my list of New and Notable books. I comb through what I’ve received in the past month (and scour all the publishers’ websites) to come up with a list of titles that are interesting to me—and may just be interesting to you. Here are my picks for April. In each case I’ve included the publisher’s description.


Heavenward: How Eternity Can Change Your Life on Earth by Cameron Cole. “Though they’re destined for eternal glory, many Christians languish in earthly mindedness. Having never set their sights on things above, they lack hope in adversity and vibrancy in their faith. Where can believers find joy and inspiration for everyday life? It’s in the already-and-not-yet reality of heaven. Following the unexpected loss of his firstborn child, pastor Cameron Cole’s daily focus shifted drastically heavenward. He discovered that an intentional eternal mindset can bring meaning and joy to every Christian’s life. In this heartfelt, theologically rich book, Cole draws from his personal story of grief, the apostle Paul’s letters, and the examples of believers throughout history to demonstrate how heavenly mindedness fosters contentment, hope in suffering, motivation for missions and evangelism, commitment to morality and ethics, and no fear in death.” (Amazon)

Systematic Theology, Volume 1: From Canon to Concept by Stephen J Wellum. “Trinitarian, reformational, and baptistic, Stephen Wellum’s Systematic Theology models a serious evangelical engagement with the Scriptures while being grounded in church history and keenly aware of contemporary issues. Building on decades of research, Wellum formulates doctrine exegetically, covenantally, and canonically for a new generation of students, pastors, church leaders, and seasoned theologians.” Tom Schreiner says of it, “Steve Wellum is one of the most astute and brilliant theologians of our day and now we are treated to his magnum opus. This volume is a profound systematic theology that draws on biblical theology, historical theology, and philosophy in formulating a coherent and articulate presentation of Christian doctrine. In my mind no one has done this better today than Steve Wellum. He emphasizes that systematic theology is practical—it is theology applied to all of life. We all live, whether we know it or not, based on our systematic theology. Thus, this is a life-changing book that is a must read both for the academy and for the church.” (Amazon, Westminster Books)

Peace Over Perfection

Peace Over Perfection: Enjoying a Good God When You Feel You’re Never Good Enough by Faith Chang. “Many Christians, often without even realizing it, struggle with a type of Christian perfectionism. We strive to please God but are plagued with anxiety about making mistakes. We want to do God’s will but live with a self-berating inner voice even as we seek to serve him. We sincerely believe the gospel and love Jesus but struggle with never feeling good enough before God. How can Christians wholeheartedly pursue God without an undercurrent of guilt, fear or anxiety? How can imperfect people experience God’s peace while seeking to obey his perfect standards? Author Faith Chang addresses the struggles of her fellow ‘Christian perfectionists’ through meditations on God’s character. With nuance and care, she writes for those who seek to grow in Christ and live for God’s glory yet live in fear of failure. She explores the Bible to show that as God deals with us as in-process people, he is far more merciful, righteous and patient than we may have imagined. As we consider how he interacts bountifully with us, the weary and scrupulous Christian perfectionist will be freed to pursue God while experiencing his love and peace.” (Amazon, Westminster Books)

Perfect Unity

Perfect Unity: A Guide for Christian Doctrine and Life by Ralph Cunnington. “The world is tearing itself apart over identity politics. What is the answer? Recognizing that two things can be distinct yet inseparable. This concept—rooted in the writings of Augustine, John Calvin, and others—is in fact key to understanding some of the most precious truths about God, humanity, and salvation. Written to Christians of all ages and backgrounds, Ralph Cunnington’s systematic guide to Christian truth presents a challenging, orthodox message that is desperately needed today.” Sinclair Ferguson says of it, “Ralph Cunnington skillfully shows us that when it comes to the Christian faith, there is a loose thread that is worth pulling. Why? Because this thread will help us appreciate how beautifully God has woven the gospel. … Intrigued? Then read on!” (Amazon, Westminster Books)

Biblical Typology

Biblical Typology: How the Old Testament Points to Christ, His Church, and the Consummation by Vern S. Poythress. “Believers read Scripture to follow Christ and deepen their relationship with him. But since a majority of the Bible was written before Jesus’s life and death on the cross, many people rely on the Old Testament for historical context and moral guidance alone. However, when studied in detail, we see how even the Old Testament reveals Christ as the center of God’s plan for redemption. Biblical Typology examines how the Old Testament foreshadows Christ, the church, and the consummation through types—or symbols—pointing toward fulfillment. Well-known for his academic yet accessible writing, Vern S. Poythress not only provides examples of types and analogies found in God’s word but also teaches readers a practical framework and diagram for effectively examining them throughout Scripture. Readers will learn how to identify and interpret biblical typology for themselves as they deepen their understanding of the Bible and the wisdom of God.” (Amazon, Westminster Books)

Choose Better

Choose Better: Five Biblical Models for Making Ethical Decisions by T. David Gordon. “How do we know if we’re making the best choices possible? Over the centuries, Christians in different traditions have distilled scriptural guidance into five models for ethical decision-making. Memorable and biblical, profound and practical, these models give us clear questions to ask in every situation. They help us not only to improve our own choices but to better understand the choices of fellow believers—especially when they differ from ours. Honed over years of teaching and supplemented by discussion questions, the contents of this short book will equip you to think biblically and choose better.” (Amazon, Westminster Books)

Reaching the Next Generation

The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Reaching the Next Generation by Kevin DeYoung. “Church leaders are continuously concerned they might lose the next generation of faithful believers. They’ve scoured for practical and effective ways to disciple young Christians, often resorting to adopting new and exciting programs, emotional appeals, or mere moralism. However helpful these attempts are, they all too often lack one critical element—Christ. In this concise booklet, bestselling author Kevin DeYoung presents 5 Christlike ways to effectively communicate the Christian faith and practice with the next generation. DeYoung reminds leaders that they won’t ultimately impact young hearts with cleverness, humor, or good looks but by walking with Jesus and following his ways—grab them with passion, win them with love, hold them with holiness, challenge them with truth, and amaze them with God.” (Amazon, Westminster Books)

All the Genealogies

All the Genealogies of the Bible: Visual Charts and Exegetical Commentary by Nancy Dawson. This one actually came out a few months ago, but I only just received a review copy. What a neat resource! “The Bible contains hundreds of genealogies that fulfill multiple purposes, yet the significance of these genealogies can admittedly be difficult to grasp. In All the Genealogies of the Bible, author Nancy presents every genealogy in the Bible in a simple, visual format. Esteemed biblical scholars Eugene Merrill and Andreas Kostenberger supplement Dawson’s work with brief commentary on each genealogy. Dawson works with both complete genealogies and partial lists, piecing together names in different passages to illustrate the interrelationships of various biblical characters for deeper study. Including more than 340 genealogies, All the Genealogies of the Bible is organized in biblical order and is equipped with tools you’ll need to navigate the book easily. A one-of-a-kind reference work, All the Genealogies of the Bible will be useful for pastors, Bible teachers, students, and anyone wanting to study the Bible more deeply from the unique vantage point of its many genealogies.” (Amazon)

You Are Not Forgotten

You Are Not Forgotten: Discovering the God Who Sees the Overlooked and Disregarded by Christine Hoover. “Have you ever felt forgotten, disregarded, wounded, invisible, or invalidated by others? Do you ever experience the pain and anger of feeling unseen? Has this left you wondering if you’re truly worthy of being acknowledged, listened to, and loved? Oftentimes, when we are in this place, we turn toward God with soul-wrenching questions: Where are you, God? Have you forgotten me? Are you paying attention to what is happening to me? Can I trust that you will act on my behalf? If you’ve asked these questions, you are not alone. Author and Bible teacher Christine Hoover has asked these questions too, and she’s found that none of us are the first to feel overlooked or forgotten—and yet God has always been a ‘God Who Sees.’ In fact, it was a woman named Hagar in the Bible, alone in her desperate wilderness, who first spoke this particular name for God. Her story along with others in Scripture reveal that God not only looks upon us when others disregard us, He looks after us.” (Amazon)

Never Shaken

Never Shaken: Finding Your Footing When the World is Sliding Away by Daniel Henderson. “Do you feel tossed about or a little disoriented? The foundations of predictable society are shifting. In this ambiguous cultural forecast, we’re wondering what’s right, what matters most, and how we should respond. How do we build a meaningful life and legacy when our lives feel fragile—when our future seems discouragingly uncertain? With a pastoral heart Daniel Henderson looks to Psalm 15 when David—late in his years—was also trying to make sense of the strangest of times. David felt the unexpected loss of family, dignity, and destiny. Some of his pain was the result of seeds he’d sown earlier in his life. Yet, as he penned Psalm 15, he was led to the solid ground of intimacy with God and integrity in his own life. He was left with the promise from God that He would always be secure – never moved. The burdens under which David was laboring are staggeringly similar to our own. In Never Shaken, Henderson shows us how to build our lives on the gospel of Jesus Christ. He reveals how true worship and the presence of God is found in Christ’s life in and through us. This book is an invaluable resource for all who desire to live with the hope and courage of Jesus Christ no matter what befalls us.” (Amazon)

A Mother Held: Essays on Anxiety and Motherhood by Lara d’Entremont. “Can we trust God to care for us and our helpless babies just as much as we do, especially when he allows the turmoil of this world? When Lara became a mother, she thought she was losing her mind—literally. As she faced paranoia, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, and obsessive compulsions, she viewed her life as the chaotic mess of a person pushed away by God and held under his stern gaze. She believed in God, but feared that he viewed her a burdensome child with too many problems. As she sought to care for her infants through various valleys of suffering, she struggled to trust God’s mighty hand that turned the tides of her life. In this collection of essays, Lara leads her reader through her battle with anxiety and the early days of motherhood—not to show the world her own perseverance or to draw their pity, but to cast their gaze to the One who carried her. In this collection of creative essays, Lara never strives to answer the “why?” to our cries, but displays the sovereignty and goodness of our Heavenly Father, both when our greatest joys and worst of fears come true. In each story, Lara leads her reader through her battle with anxiety and the early days of motherhood—not to show the world her own perseverance or to draw their pity, but to cast their gaze to the One who carried her through it all.” (Buy it at Amazon)

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