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New and Notable Christian Books for June 2024

New and Notable

Another month has come and gone. For readers, that means that publishers have released another batch of books. I am in the happy position of receiving most of them, so sorted through the various stacks to arrive at this list of new and notables. In each case, I’ve included the editorial description so you can get a sense of what the book is all about. While June is not the month that sees the most new releases, I still hope there’s something here that interests you.

Waiting Isn’t a Waste: The Surprising Comfort of Trusting God in the Uncertainties of Life by Mark Vroegop. “Throughout our lives, we experience countless periods of waiting. Some moments are mere nuisances—others are daunting seasons filled with intense worry and doubt. We grow impatient by immovable traffic or crave an impending answer to a medical condition. Whatever our current circumstances, our innate response is to take action rather than stay still. In Waiting Isn’t a Waste, author Mark Vroegop calls believers to resist the human urge for control and lean on Christ for comfort while we wait for the uncertainties of life to unfold. Vroegop explores what it means to wait on God through 6 important characteristics—waiting is hard, common, biblical, slow, commanded, and relational. This book not only teaches readers how to wait on God but inspires them to embrace waiting—for it prompts wisdom from God and brings invaluable peace to the present.” (Buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

The Life of Peter: Molded in the Master’s Hands by Derek Thomas. “It isn’t hard for Christians to identify with the Apostle Peter. As he sought to follow after Jesus, his life was punctuated by bold moments and momentous blunders alike. Yet in spite of Peter’s sins, he was the Apostle who confessed the Christ, to which Jesus replied, “On this rock I will build my church” (Matt. 16:16, 18). The Lord would use this vessel of clay to bring the hope of the gospel to the world. In this book, Dr. Derek Thomas offers an encouraging portrait of Peter from the Gospels and the book of Acts, with insights from Peter’s own writings later in life. At every stroke, our eyes are drawn beyond the disciple to his gracious Master, who fashions stumbling believers into stalwarts of faith.” (Buy it at Amazon)

Made in Our Image: God, Artificial Intelligence, and You by Stephen Driscoll. “Artificial intelligence is coming. No life will be left untouched. What does Christianity have to say about this brave new world? What will living for Jesus look like in a world where humans, made in God’s image, coexist with intelligent machines made in our image? Author, pastor and self-confessed ‘tech realist’ Stephen Driscoll answers these questions with a deep dive into the intersection of faith and technology. Avoiding the extremes of both the tech worshippers and the ‘doomers’, Driscoll offers accessible and illuminating insights into the nature of AI, along with practical tips on how Christians might use this technology for good. Most of all, he shows how the deepest structures of biblical thought will equip Christians to live with AI.” (Buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

Neighborhoods Reimagined: How the Beatitudes Inspire our Call to be Good Neighbors by Chris & Elizabeth McKinney. “Somewhere along the way we drifted apart from our next-door neighbors, and now we’re not sure we can get back together again. We lack a clear vision for showing and sharing Jesus’ love with them and how his countercultural values might transform our neighborhoods, including us. But just imagine. Imagine a neighborhood where people are connected rather than isolated, where wrongs are righted, where mercy brings fences down, and where we become agents in seeing God’s kingdom come. Believing the beatitudes are Jesus’ invitation into neighborhood flourishing, Neighborhoods Reimagined envisions how these upside-down values can turn our corners right-side-up.” (Buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

What Is Covenant Theology?: Tracing God’s Promises through the Son, the Seed, and the Sacraments by Ryan M. McGraw. “From animal sacrifice in the Old Testament to baptism and Communion in the New Testament, the Bible can seem like it contains vastly different instructions for how God’s people are to worship him through visible means. But Scripture is a complete story of redemption, one that is breathtaking in its unity. By observing how all biblical events connect through God’s covenants with his people, believers can better grasp the beauty of the triune God and the breathtaking unity of Scripture, knowing the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit. In this practical introduction, professor Ryan McGraw gives readers a framework for understanding the structure of the Bible. Explaining the blessing of covenant theology, he reveals how the sacraments illustrate God’s relationship with his people throughout the ages and help unify all parts of Scripture, from God’s promises in Genesis to their fulfillment in Revelation. Exploring the covenants of redemption, works, and grace, this book will give readers clarity about the gospel, and teach them how to live in fellowship with the triune God and others.” (Buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

Elder-Led Church: How an Eldership Team Shepherds a Healthy Flock by Murray Capill. “Church leadership is a shared responsibility, not a solo venture. This book equips pastors and elders to lead the church together as a team, focusing not so much on what they are to be but on what they as a body are to do. Written by a former pastor, now a seminary lecturer and longtime volunteer elder, this book is a groundbreaking resource for local churches of all shapes and sizes.” Iain Duguid says of it, “Capill’s book on eldership is clear, biblical, practical, and engaging. I encourage elders to read it for themselves and pastors to purchase it for all their elders. And if your church doesn’t have elders, this book makes a compelling case for why it should.” (Buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

Loneliness: Don’t Hate It or Waste It. Redeem It. by Steve DeWitt. “For years, Steve DeWitt was the only never married megachurch pastor in the United States. This put him in proximity to thousands of people, yet he lived his daily life alone. Over some 8,000 days as an adult single, and now eleven years of marriage, Pastor Steve has a unique perspective on solitude and aloneness. Loneliness addresses this pervasive ache from his personal experience and pastoral viewpoint. In a time when loneliness is at an all-time high, this book–rich with biblical truth and practical help–speaks to all hearts. DeWitt explores the invitation of Jesus when our hearts feel alone and isolated. Writing on topics that affect us and the ones we love–such as loneliness and the gospel, loneliness and singleness, loneliness and marriage, and loneliness and leadership–he shows us the way out of our pain and into relational flourishing with God and others.” (Buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

To Walk and to Please God: A Theology of 1 and 2 Thessalonians by Andrew S. Malone. “Like Paul’s other early churches, Thessalonica experienced great societal pressure to conform to the surrounding culture. But amid persecution, the Thessalonians remained faithful to their call to holiness as they patiently awaited Jesus’s return. These epistles provide a positive and practical example of what Christians should believe and how they should behave today. In this volume of the New Testament Theology series, author Andrew Malone explores 1 and 2 Thessalonians to highlight the life cycle of Christian discipleship–turning away from idols, trusting in the gospel message, having hope that the Lord will return, and continually pleasing the one true God until that return. Through clear and engaging theological examinations, Malone expounds on predominant themes–enhancing gospel reputation, persistence in the face of opposition, Christian life within an unbelieving society, and more–explaining how they are relevant for the church today.” (Buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

Preaching: A Sermon Collection by Charles Spurgeon (Introduction by Jason K. Allen). “What set Charles Haddon Spurgeon apart more than any of his other accomplishments was his ability behind the pulpit. Crowds gathered weekly, with visitors coming from around the world to hear the Holy Spirit pour out through his sermons. No matter the topic, modern readers would be wise to see what Spurgeon had to say. In this volume Jason K. Allen has compiled some of Spurgeon’s most poignant sermons on the topic of preaching; and who better than the ‘Prince of Preachers’ to speak to teachers today about the ins and outs of preaching the Word of God.” (Buy it at Amazon)

Subjects and Citizens: The Politics of the Gospel by Michael P. Jensen. “Michael writes to help Christian rediscover ‘a truly Christ-centred vision for human politics’. The heart of that vision is based around a careful study of Romans 12-15, calling Christians to be who they are as the church: ‘subjects of the Lord Jesus and citizens of the kingdom of heaven’. The aim is that this perspective will help Christians to navigate the alienation and anxiety that dominate contemporary debates, providing a fresh way to think about contemporary politics. Michael distinguishes ‘Politics 1.0’, the politics of this world (where temporary, earthly kingdoms exist within the present age), from ‘Politics 2.0’, ‘where Jesus Christ reigns in the Kingdom of God’ (which exists here and now within the church, but will continue into the world to come when Christ returns). The book argues that ‘Politics 1.0’ has its place, but also its limitations.” (Buy it at Amazon)

Grace From Heaven: Prayers of the Reformation by Robert Elmer (editor). “The Reformation was an extraordinary time of profound spiritual fervor. Grace from Heaven collects prayers from influential Protestant voices of the Reformation that express deep longings, theological richness, and a burning desire for God’s grace. The prayers are arranged by topic and time—from praise to petition, morning to evening—so that your prayer life can be interwoven with the rich tapestry of prayers of faithful Christians from the past. By praying along with Martin Luther, John Calvin, Marguerite de Navarre, William Tyndale, and many others, we join the chorus of Reformation believers in prayer and contemplation.” (Buy it at Amazon)

The Giver of Life: The Biblical Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and Salvation by J.V. Fesko. “God’s Spirit unites believers to Christ, conforms them to his image, and equips them for witness and ministry. In The Giver of Life, J. V. Fesko reflects on the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the application of Christ’s work for the salvation of sinners. Through a combination of biblical, historical, and theological study, Fesko illuminates the blessing of God’s presence with his people. Written from a confessionally Reformed perspective in dialogue with the great creeds of the church, The Giver of Life provides a thorough and trustworthy guide to the Holy Spirit’s role in salvation.” (Buy it at Amazon)

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