The Best of March

I’ve been at this blogging thing for quite a long time now—a bit over 9 years. I’ve been at the daily blogging thing for almost as long. This means that I’ve got an extensive backlist of articles from years gone by. I thought it might be fun to pull out some of the articles I wrote in previous Marchs, stretching all the way back to 2004.

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The New Evangelical Virtues – My take on what Rob Bell’s book on hell exposed about what passes for virtue in the Evangelical world.

Facebook Makes Us Miserable – This quickly became one of the more popular articles in the history of this site, a fact that kind of took me by surprise.

What I’d Have to Deny to Deny Hell – I guess this also came out of the Rob Bell controversy, as I thought about what it takes for someone to go from affirming to denying what the Bible makes clear.


Read More, Read Better – This has always been hard to apply.

Of Luddites and iPads – I was working on a book about technology in 2010, and I suppose that fact is reflected in quite a few of my blog posts. This was a reflection on Luddism.


Christians and Accountability – Here is a warning about the Evangelical obsession with accountability.

Endless Choice, Endless Discontent – With more choice comes less contentment; that’s the theme of this article. I followed it up with When Technology Outpaces Morality.


Just Stop It! – This is still funny.


Song of the Year – I still enjoy this song.

Testimony Tuesday (For Bloggers) – Here is a post in which I shared how the Lord saved me all those years ago.


Blogging and the Wisdom of Solomon – An oldie but a goodie.

The Study of History – A few reflections on why we, as Christians, ought to study the history of the church.


Seems So Long Ago, Nancy – This was my first crack at writing about my aunt whom Leonard Cohen immortalized in the song “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy.”

Unity at What Cost? – That is always the question we need to ask when pursuing unity–will this unity be true unity or will it exact an unbearably heavy cost from us?


Spiritual Gift Assessments – These are a few thoughts on spiritual gift assessments. 2004 seems like a really, really long time ago now.

Take This Cup Away from Me! – I remember writing this one; it was as much worship as work.