A New Way to Raise Money for Mission Trips

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Are you leading a mission trip this summer? Wishing there was an easier way for you and your team members to raise money? A new website called Razoo.com can help your team reach its fundraising goal faster and easier.

A youth pastor named Kevin Weikel in Simsbury, Connecticut had this to say about Razoo:

Our goal was to raise $6,250 … Because of Razoo, we ended up almost doubling our goal, raising $11,657! Gone are the days of going door to door with envelopes, Razoo enabled our group to email aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends from all across the country. We wouldn’t have raised nearly as much without Razoo.

Razoo does a great job of simplifying mission trip fundraising.

  • Stay organized. Their online tools help you keep track of each person’s fundraising progress.
  • Save time. Since Razoo takes care of all tax-deductible receipting, you can spend more time outside of the office.
  • Raise more. On Razoo, it’s easier to spread the word about your fundraiser via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Have fun. Before and after the trip, your team can tell their story by posting comments, pictures, and videos.

Above all, Razoo provides excellent customer service. They love to help mission teams reach their fundraising goals. A friendly employee can be reached at (866) 437-1952 or by email at [email protected].

Finally, Razoo is offering a $100 scholarship for mission trip teams that sign up before June 30, 2011 – definitely something to take advantage of soon.