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This week the blog is sponsored by AGTV, a new video streaming service that features a carefully curated collection of films and television series such as American Gospel, Luther, Calvinist, Christianity Explored, and Epic.

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In Paul’s letters to Timothy, he repeatedly exhorts him to “Guard the deposit entrusted to you.” (1 Timothy 6:20). “Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you.” (2 Timothy 1:14). That treasure, of course, is the good news of Jesus Christ, His person and work in the redemption of sinners.

For much of my life I [Brandon Kimber] was confused by the gospel of “Jesus plus…” and “Jesus minus…” because America has pulpits filled with preachers that don’t take these commands seriously. After the Lord opened my own eyes to see the truth clearly, I had a desire to help others do the same. The Lord provided a way for me to do that through filmmaking. In 2018, I completed and released my first film in the “American Gospel” series, American Gospel: Christ Alone. Since then I have been overwhelmed by the testimonies of how the Lord has graciously used the film as a means to free his sheep from deception.  Here are some examples:

A common message I receive from people who have watched the AG films goes something like this. “I feel like I just understood the gospel for the first time. Do you have any recommended resources to help me rebuild my faith? How do I find a healthy church?” This need gave birth to the idea of AGTV, American Gospel’s streaming service. AGTV not only features both American Gospel films (and will feature future films), but other solid films and series which share the same goal; guarding the gospel and exalting Christ. It’s also a platform for pointing people in the direction of recommended ministries and biblical teaching.

We’re a new but growing streaming service. We have nearly 250 hours of programming; the amount of programming will grow each month, eventually approaching 1,000 hours. We’re committed to making sure the content is biblical, and that it’s introducing you to healthy ministries. Some of our content is free, but for $5.99 a month, or $64.99 per year, you’ll enjoy access to premium films and series like, Spirit & Truth, Calvinist, Logic on Fire, Luther, Discipleship Explored, EPIC, and more. You’ll help the library grow, and you’ll be supporting the creation of future American Gospel films, as well as movies from other Christian filmmakers. I’m praying that the Lord would continue to use this platform to equip the local church and to guard against the errors of the “American Gospel.” You can learn more and sign up at