Ignited by the Word: A Christian Magazine for Children

This week the blog is sponsored by Reformed Free Publishing Association. This post is about their children’s magazine, Ignited by the Word.

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Ignited by the Word is a quarterly-published, Christian children’s magazine split into sections for three different grade levels: PreK–2nd grade, 3rd–5th grade, and 6th–8th grade. Whether you are looking for Bible stories to read to your preschooler, stories about the heroes of the faith for your ten-year-old, or a set of daily devotions for your young teenager, Ignited by the Word is the magazine for you and your children!

Why a children’s magazine?

Jesus told his disciples to let children (little children!), come unto him. He also said that his kingdom belonged to children such as these whom he held in his arms and blessed.

Our goal for every issue of Ignited by the Word is to bolster the faith of God’s dear children as they live in this world. By bringing the truths of the Bible and the Protestant Reformation into every part of their lives, we also bring them closer to their heavenly Father and closer to each other.

What can readers expect to find in the magazine?

You can find just about everything in Ignited by the Word! Here are some of our favorite rubrics:

He Shall Purify – Devotions: these are the three sets of devotions in each issue, one for each grade level. This rubric instructs children and teens about their creator and heavenly Father, applies Bible passages to their young lives, and encourages them in their daily walk as Christians.

Here I Stand – Defense of the Faith: a rubric where pastors, teachers, and other believers explain Christian fundamentals like abiding in Christ, unconditional election, and brotherly love to children and young teens, encouraging readers to stand firm for the truth and live new and holy lives.

Creation Connection – The Beauty of the Earth: there is so much to learn about God’s creation! From the twinkling of each star above to the beauty of tiny butterflies to the grandeur of mighty mountains, every creature glorifies its Creator. This rubric leads children to join all of creation in praising his great name.

The best part?

Four times each year, the latest issue of Ignited by the Word is delivered to the mailboxes of children living in nine countries and all over the United States!

No matter how digital our world becomes, children will always find it exciting to receive something in the mail. A hard copy of the magazine also means children of all ages will get the added fun of completing the Spark Your Interest activities at the back of each issue–these include word finds, coloring pages, arts and crafts, and more!

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If you have children or grandchildren, a subscription to Ignited by the Word will be an invaluable resource to gift in the new year. And don’t forget about the children at your church, down the street, or halfway around the world!

A yearly subscription includes four highly-engaging, faith-focused issues designed for Christian children of all ages. Visit ignitedbytheword.org and subscribe today!

And as a thank you for subscribing, we will send you our devotional ebook, Preparing for Dating and Marriage: A 31-Day Family Devotional by Cory Griess—absolutely free!