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This sponsored post was prepared by Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

For a number of years, the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS) considered the advisability of adding to the growing number of professional theological journals.  Earlier this year, the faculty concluded that it was time to contribute in this arena.  With two editions already published and a third soon to be released, the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal reflects the unique nature of the ministry of the Seminary. 

JournalReaders will find this exclusively online journal to be both scholarly and pastoral in its content and approach, reflecting the tagline of RPTS, Study Under Pastors.  “We pray that this semiannual journal will be helpful to the church as we seek to raise up shepherds who feed the flock and minister to the souls of all who are under their care,” notes RPTS President, Dr. Jerry O’Neill.

Volume One, Issue One took up the topic of the “Law of God”, the subject of the Seminary’s Westminster Conference from the fall of 2014.  Topics include :

  • Dr. Jack Kinneer – “Is The Christian Under Law or Not Under Law?”
  • Professor Barry York – “The Law Leads Us to Christ: The Law and Its First Use.”
  • Dr. Rick Gamble – “The Second Use of the Law as Understood in the Westminster Assembly’s Scottish Context.”
  • Professor John Tweeddale – “The Gust of Gratitude and the Third Use of the Law.”
  • Dr. C. J. Williams – “The Heart of the Matter: Avoiding Legalism.”

Volume One, Issue Two reflects upon the unique calling of the New Testament church to make a radical difference in the world.  As President O’Neill notes, instead of turning the world upside down, the church turned the world right side up, a valid mission for Christians today.

  • Dr. Rick Gamble – “Critical Realism and the New Perspective.”
  • Professor Michael LeFebvre – “Theology and Economics in the Biblical Year of Jubilee.”
  • Professor Thomas Reid – “The Preface to the Ten Commandments: Exodus 20:1-2.”
  • Dr. C. J. Williams – “Good and Necessary Consequence in the Westminster Confession.”
  • Professor Barry York – “Trinitarianism in the Pastoral Theology of Gregory Nazianzen.”

Volume Two, Issue One will concentrate on the topic of Union with Christ, the focus of the Fall 2015 Westminster Conference at RPTS.

  • Dr. Rick Gamble – “Comprehending the Eternal Union of God.”
  • Dr. Jeffrey Stivason – “Living in an Abiding Relationship with Christ.”
  • Rev. Ken G. Smith – “Testimony”
  • Dr. C. J. Williams – “Communing with Christ in His Supper.”
  • Professor Mark Robinson – “Enjoying the Communion of the Saints.”
  • Professor Barry York – “Preparing for Our Heavenly Union with God.”

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