The Preaching Class with John Piper

Preaching is a miracle. Faithful sermons are far more than explanations of a biblical text; they are celebrations of biblical realities. In ‘The Preaching Class,’ now available free online, John Piper distills lessons from more than three decades in the pulpit.

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In this introduction, below, Pastor John invites preachers and listeners to join him in his series of short videos on preaching. Throughout the series, Pastor John distills lessons from his 33 years in the pulpit and 10 years in the classroom with aspiring pastors, all with the aim of welcoming listeners into the life of a preacher and the glorious task of preaching. Preaching is not the only means God uses to save and sanctify his people, but it is an essential one. We invite you to join us as Pastor John explains why.

Watch all 30 workshops & lectures from ‘The Preaching Class.’