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This Week’s Sponsor: Moody Publishers

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Keith-at-desk-at-Moody.jpgHi, my name is Keith Wiederwax and I work in the marketing department of Moody Publishers. Like you, I’m a reader of Tim’s blog and appreciate his open, thoughtful, and biblical perspective. I hope to follow that same “recipe” here with this sponsored post. My job at MP is to simply make you aware of our books and what need or niche they fill. It’s my hope that these books help lead you to a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ. With that in mind, I want to introduce you to (or remind you of) some of our current and upcoming releases. ((Side note – I’ve been blessed to see Tim review some of our recent titles (Completely his decision!) but let me give you my quick take on some of them. ))

Why do we need a set of rules from an authoritarian deity? In Words From the Fire – Hearing The Voice of God In The 10 Commandments, Dr. Albert Mohler lets us know why. I already appreciate Al Mohler for standing up for Christ and a biblical worldview in today’s culture. (He has a great radio program that you should check out.) Now he’s growing on me as an author. This book looks at the importance of the Ten Commandments and how they relate to us in today’s culture. He reveals great insights from each commandment like taking God’s name in vain has little to do with unspeakable words. Rather, it involves misrepresenting his reputation. Good stuff! If you want to dive in a little deeper regarding the Ten Commandments you won’t want to miss what Tim says is “the best of the bunch” of Mohler’s books. Check out the rest of Tim’s review or go to

The Reason For Sports – A Christian Fanifesto by Ted Kluck – Many of the readers of this blog may know Ted Kluck as the co-writer of Why We’re Not Emergent and Why We Love the Church. I know Ted, as a Christian, a good writer, and a sports fan! He is very practical and down-to-earth in his perspective and writing. If you have played sports or are a fan of professional sports, you will relate to this book. It is not a dissertation quoting chapter and verse of where God told the Israelites to go forth and win the big game. (Hint – He never did!) Instead, it takes a look at different cultural issues taking place in sports today and provides a biblical perspective on them along the way. Often funny and engaging, (the chapter on “when bad fantasy teams happen to good people” cracked me up and is a must read if you are a fantasy football player!) the book is a fun read that will also challenge your thinking at times. There aren’t many books today with a Christian viewpoint on today’s sports issues so it’s really perfect for the sports fan in the family! Again, here’s Tim’s recent review, or check out Ted’s website.

Sometimes it seems like a day doesn’t go by when I don’t hear or read of a family, ministry or career that hasn’t been damaged or destroyed by sexual sin. It’s tragic and I feel awful, but what can I do and where do you start to reverse this plague? You might want to think about reading Undefiled: Redemption From Sexual Sin, Restoration for Broken Relationships by Dr. Harry Schaumburg. Here’s a guy with 30 years of Christian counseling experience giving his insights. It’s not going to stop every affair or sexual addiction, but it offers hope out of those problems and is a big step in the right direction…towards God and holiness. See Tim’s review here or visit here for more resources and a study guide.

I have only been with Moody Publishers since January, but I did participate in a meeting with John MacArthur and one thing he said really struck me. He said that he felt his New Testament commentary series would probably be his greatest legacy to the church. Considering all he’s done and been involved in that is really significant. The next volume releases on October 1 and it’s Luke 1-5 of the MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series. Pastors really love these (A good gift for Pastor Appreciation Month in October maybe?….sorry, but I am a marketer after all!) but so do laymen Bible study teachers and I’ve even used them occasionally for my devotional reading. I’m looking forward to MacArthur’s thoughts as he explores the Christmas story and the beginning of Christ’s earthly ministry in Luke 1-5! You can find out more about John MacArthur’s ministry here.

I couldn’t let you go without giving the “young, restless and reformed” something to look forward to this winter. Have you wanted to know more about Jonathan Edwards, but didn’t want to read a huge textbook or try to decipher all the old English in his original notes and sermons? If so, then I really think you will enjoy The Essential Edwards Collection! This will be five inexpensive paperbacks that cover Edwards’ life and major writings. With an introduction by John Piper and written so that everyone can know and appreciate Edwards’ views(Co-author Owen Strachan kept asking himself, “Would my mother understand this?”), you won’t want to miss it! Look for it to arrive with the cold February winds. Brrrrrrrrr!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great week! (Time for me to get back to work and clean my desk off.)

Note: This is a sponsored post. Learn about sponsored posts.

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