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This Week’s Sponsor: True Church Conference 2010

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True Church Conference is hosted by: Anchored in Truth Ministries

The Quagmire of Hyper-Calvinism
A quagmire is a difficult, precarious, entrapping position. How could the church of the Lord Jesus Christ find itself in such a place? By misusing the most glorious truths in the Bible, the Doctrines of Grace.

Finding Balance
In recent years there has been a genuine awakening to the Doctrines of Grace, but will our abhorrence of manmade “systems” of theology cause us to err in equal degree? Will we overcorrect and find ourselves on the slippery slope of hyper-Calvinism? May it never be!

Light and Heat
Nothing kills a church faster than a lost passion for evangelism and missions. The Gospel message is the light and heat of the local church. It’s our only hope and our only message! We must fight all temptation to be slack in sharing the Gospel to ALL men in ALL nations.

Cold, Dead, and Fatalistic
We need to be stirred to be evangelistic, and we certainly can’t allow our knowledge of God’s sovereignty in salvation to be an excuse for fatalism. What an abuse of His glorious truths…the very truths that should make us want to tell everyone about Christ.

Theology and Methodology
Faithful men of God will share biblical principles, historical perspectives, and practical applications. Michael Haykin, Barry King, Conrad Mbewe, David Miller, and Jonathan Sims join Jeff Noblit in stirring church leaders to strike a biblical balance between divine sovereignty and the mandate of evangelism.

Biblically Healthy Churches
The True Church Conference is an annual conference striving not to build great churches, but true churches. The conference is held in the “laboratory” of the local church, Grace Life Church of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Join us February 18-21!

Anchored in Truth
Anchored in Truth Ministries invites you to join pastors, church leaders, and laymen contending for the church in areas of foundational importance.

Note: This is a sponsored post. Learn about sponsored posts.

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