EPIC Australia/New Zealand: EPIC Vlog 03

I spent last week traveling through Australia and New Zealand exploring, meeting lots of people, and learning about the history of Christianity in those two great lands. Here’s just some of what I experienced along the way. This video was made possible with special thanks to Sam Chan and his new book Evangelism in a Skeptical World.  

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Jerusalem – EPIC Vlog 01

I recently spent a few days in Jerusalem, looking through museums, churches, and other sites for objects related to the history of the Christian faith. This was, of course, all part of my EPIC church history project which will be continuing all through 2018 (Ireland, I’ll see you in January!). This time around I’ve got something neat to share with you at the end of it all: a vlog that relates some of my experiences. I hope you enjoy it! …

5 Most Ridiculous Books to Ever Become Christian Bestsellers

If you were to scan the lists of the best selling Christian books of all time you’d see some truly amazing books there. You’d see some books that have helped us better understand who God is and books that have instructed us. and how we as Christians can live lives of obedience to Him, and like you, I’m genuinely thankful for these books. Sadly though, you’d also see some truly flat-out awful books. Today I’ve narrowed down that list to …