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  • Glorifying God and Glorifying Mountains

    Glorifying God and Glorifying Mountains

    A friend recently asked, “What does it mean to glorify God?” It is a phrase we know and a phrase we often repeat. But what does it actually mean? How do we go about it? And in what ways may we do the very opposite? I write today from New Zealand where I have spent…

  • Suffering and Glory

    Here we are at the very end of another Christian classic. As of today we’ve come to the thirteenth and final chapter of John Stott’s classic work The Cross of Christ. He closes the book with a chapter titled “Suffering and Glory.” Suffering & Glory “The fact of suffering undoubtedly constitutes the single greatest challenge…

  • Resources Collection cover image

    Seeds of Character

    Seeds Family Worship is a family favorite–a band that simply sets Scripture to music and does so with fun and with skill. The kids love it. They have just released their most recent album–Seeds of Character. And this post is one stop in an ongoing blog tour. One thing I love about Seeds Family Worship…