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    A La Carte (8/9)

    Congregations Gone Wild – An unusual op-ed from the Times: “The American clergy is suffering from burnout, several new studies show. And part of the problem, as researchers have observed, is that pastors work too much. Many of them need vacations, it’s true. But there’s a more fundamental problem that no amount of rest and…

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    A La Carte (3/4)

    MacArthur ESV Study BibleCrossway has officially announced that the MacArthur Study Bible is coming in the ESV. You can watch this video to see MacArthur introduce it. The Importance of Seminary TrainingSpeaking of MacArthur, he and three others answered this question yesterday at the Shepherds’ Conference: “What is the importance of seminary training?” Math of…

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    A La Carte (11/12)

    Christmas Music RoundupCT has their annual roundup of this year’s Christmas music. At the top of their list is Downhere’s How Many Kings?. Walk HumblyMark Altrogge’s ninth Scripture memorization CD is now available. “Walk Humbly consists of 20 scriptures (including references) set word-for-word to contemporary music, and I don’t mean muzak…” You can download one…