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    Books & E-Books, Media & Messages

    On Tuesday I offered you 5 Reasons Books are Better Than E-Books and on Wednesday 5 Reasons E-Books Are Better Than Books. Today I want to tie up those two posts with a few thoughts on why we need to be very, very careful about moving from the book to the e-book. Media and Messages…

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    What Every Parent Needs to Know About Video Games

    I used to be an avid computer gamer. From the time computers became widely available, I was using them to play games. I played them for long enough to know that they don’t make them like they used to. Modern-day games have not risen above the standards set by such classics as X-Com, Railroad Tycoon,…

  • Summer Interview Series: Richard Abanes (Reflections)

    Little did I know when I posted my interview with Richard Abanes that it would soon cause such a ruckus. I feel that I know the blogosphere quite well, but still found myself blindsided by the reaction. I had quite a few people, including some whom I much respect, question my motives and ask why…

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    Book Review – Rick Warren and the Purpose that Drives Him

    Since Rick Warren’s rise to prominence, and especially since the release of The Purpose Driven Life, a lot of criticism has been levelled at the man, his ministry and his books. Some of this has been valid, fair and even necessary. As we would expect, some has been irrational, spiteful and borne of ignorance. When…