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  • The Freedom of Embracing My Weaknesses

    The Freedom of Embracing My Weaknesses

    I am tip-toeing—or perhaps lurching—toward the age of 50. Whatever it means to be middle-aged, I am indisputably now well within that range. This stage of life has introduced some new trials, new difficulties, and new indignities, many of them related to a body that is no longer what it once was. But this stretch…

  • Weakness Strength

    Blessed Are the Weak!

    The Beatitudes of Jesus are meant to shock us in the ways they so consistently counter our instincts and interrupt our inclinations. They commend the meek rather than the assertive; they commend the poor in spirit rather than the self-sufficient; they commend the reproached rather than the praised. The Beatitudes highlight some of the counter-cultural,…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (9/9)

    I refuse to write an article about burning the Koran. One weird little church decides to burn a few Korans (which is a stupid and ignorant thing to do) and the whole world of media (new and old) goes completely haywire. I think these people are getting far more attention than they deserve! “Behold the…