A La Carte (9/9)

I refuse to write an article about burning the Koran. One weird little church decides to burn a few Korans (which is a stupid and ignorant thing to do) and the whole world of media (new and old) goes completely haywire. I think these people are getting far more attention than they deserve!

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“Behold the Lamb of God” Tour – Andrew Peterson is embarking on his annual “Behold the Lamb of God” tour. You can check his site to see the dates and the cities (December 2 – 19).

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary – Here is a new commentary series edited by H. Wayne House. It will be published initially for Logos and only later make the transition to printed format. The first volumes will be available in 2011.

Free E-Books – CBD recently began offering e-books along with printed books (much like Amazon). They are offering a few free e-books that will allow you to try out the new format.

You Need a Mother Very Badly – Here’s a sweet poem written by Brett Harris as he reflects on his mother’s death.

A Tale of Two Magazine Covers – “Back in June 2005, TIME magazine put what in hindsight turned out to be a massive housing bubble on its cover, cleverly calling it ‘Home $weet Home’. Inside, the main story titled America’s House Party raved about how disk jockeys, hair dressers and Taco Bell cashiers were making fortunes flipping houses…” We are now a long way away from those days, aren’t we?

Does Satan Have Access to Our Minds? – Andy Davis answers this in a Gospel Coalition video.

To teach pardon and cleansing where there is no intention to change the life would upset heaven and turn it into a moral insane asylum, and in a hundred years you would not know heaven from hell! –A.W. Tozer