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    The Doctrines of Grace

    There is any number of books available today that serve as introductions to Calvinism or the doctrines of grace. While some of these leave much to be desired, many of them are excellent and do justice to the topic. One might ask, then, why someone would want to write (or read) yet another one, and…

  • CD Review – Songs For The Cross Centered Life

    For many believers, and especially those who are conservative in their theology, contemporary worship music has become nearly synonymous with theologically-shallow, emotion-filled content. These Christians may look to the great hymns of the past and see in them a depth of content that escapes most modern music. Much of the music that does exist is…

  • Book Reviews Collection cover image

    Book Review – Worship by the Book

    Too often, when Christians discuss worship, they go little further than arguments about styles of music. The “worship wars” that have plagued the modern church are a prime example of this. Many churches have fallen apart and many Christians have been deeply hurt over styles of music. Churches that have sought to be progressive and…

  • Book Reviews Collection cover image

    Book Review – With Reverence And Awe

    Reformed Christians are increasingly divided over how they ought to worship God. For many Reformed believers, this is an issue of great urgency. D.G. Hart and John R. Muether wrote With Reverence And Awe (Returning to the Basics of Reformed Worship) to address this topic. They call the book a primer on worship, “a brief…