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Visual Theology
This Visual Theology series of infographics has now visited the ordo salutis, the attributes of Godthe books of the BiblePhilippians 4:8the genealogy of Jesus Christ and the Trinity. Today’s graphic is a visual representation of one of my favorite texts: Philippians 2:5-11. This text challenges us to grasp the extent to which Jesus went in glorifying his Father. [Update: There is now a Visual Theology website.]

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While the infographics will always be free for you to download, I have also opened a store where you can buy prints of each of them. They are all professionally printed in a variety of sizes and are suitable for display. (Visit the store today and you’ll see a few coupon codes that can bring the prices down.)

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To the Glory of God

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If you are after a high-res version, you can have it here in JPG format. Please feel free to download, copy, email, share, or print the graphic; I just ask that you don’t sell it.

If you have other ideas for theological infographics, please feel free to leave a comment. Several more are already in development.

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