A La Carte (06/30)

Friday June 30, 2006

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Humor: Danny Carlton/Jack Lewis writes about a nefarious illicit Amish “raw milk” cartel in Ohio. “‘You can’t just give milk away to someone other than yourself. It’s a violation of the law,’ said LeeAnne Mizer, spokeswoman for the department.”

Sexuality: Byron Harvey discusses the marketing of sexuality. “So we’re in Columbus the other day for the Christian Home Educators of Ohio convention (our first as home-schoolers), a convention overrun with Mennonite-types (not that there’s anything wrong with that–and it was certainly Nirvana for bearded-without-the-mustache types), and it just so happens that the CHEO convention is taking place on the very Saturday as the annual Columbus Gay Pride parade.”

Blogspotting: Darren Booker appends to my articles about discernment a great quote by Horatius Bonar. You don’t come across too many kids named “Horatius,” do you?

Audio: Capitol Hill Baptist Church has posted the MP3s of Mark Dever’s Old Testament and New Testament sermon series. You can get the Old Testament here and the New Testament here.

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