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A La Carte (10/12)


When a Husband Is Addicted to Pornography - Here’s a helpful article on what to say and what not to say when counseling a woman who has discovered her husband’s addiction to pornography.

The End of Google Earth - Vanity Fair has a long and fascinating story about a man who used Google Earth to track down the family he had been separated from as a child.

Servants and Stars - Julian reflects on spending time with all the rap stars of Reach Records.

Is Transfer Growth Bad? - “If you read books, blogs or hear talks on church planting or church growth you will eventually hear someone decry transfer growth. As the term would imply, transfer growth is the moving of people from one church to another. This is to be contrasted with conversion growth, which would describe new Christians joining a church. The question that must be answered is, is transfer growth bad?”

An Emotional Rollercoaster - This article is well-done. “As much as I hate to admit it, I am an emotional roller-coaster. I turn from happy to sad on a dime and sometimes it isn’t even justified.” I guess it’s geared primarily to women.

Cookie Monster - I don’t know about the underlying cause on this site, but the image is plenty powerful. It simply displays the sexualization of young girls by comparing a boy’s and a girl’s version of a Cookie Monster costume.

If it is hard to accept a rebuke, even a private one, it is harder still to administer one in loving humility. —D.A. Carson

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