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A La Carte (10/19)

True Contentment - Elisha has a helpful reflection on true contentment. “Really, it’s never about those outer things, even those profoundly good outer things; contentment doesn’t come through a sentimental inventory of the blessings in this life. The abundant good I’ve known has never (yet) been stripped away leaving me with no visible reason for joy. And still, discontentment has the power to grab hold and infect, dragging me to a place of joylessness and sin, taking what is lovely and making it seem worthless.”

Proof-Texting - David Powlison discusses the difference between using a text well and proof-texting.

Matthew Henry - Reformation21 shares a short biography of the Puritan Matthew Henry.

The Man Behind Monergism - Here’s an interview with the somewhat elusive man behind Monergism.com, a ministry that so many of us have benefitted from.

Calvin’s 4 Rules of Prayer - Joel Beeke: “For John Calvin, prayer cannot be accomplished without discipline. He writes, ‘Unless we fix certain hours in the day for prayer, it easily slips from our memory.’ He goes on to prescribe several rules to guide believers in offering effectual, fervent prayer.”

God-Glorifying Sex - Mary Kassian continues her series on complementarity: “God-honoring complementarity provides the context for the absolute best, pleasure-filled, fulfilling sex a human being could possibly experience. It’s the winner. Bar none. Hands down.”

Let those be thy choicest companions who have made Christ their chief companion. —Thomas Brooks

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