A La Carte (4/12)

Too Much Cross of Christ? – Gordon Cheng asks this and answers with help from John Stott. “Is it possible to be focused too on the cross of Christ? The answer has to be no. In fact, the nastiest pieces of theological misguidance that I’ve come across have lost any sense that the cross of Christ is where we find everything–our sin, God’s love, his judgement, our salvation, and the mystery of Trinitarian theology working itself out in a place beyond our comprehension. However…”

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Can Animals Be Gay? – This seems like a silly question, but it has very important ramifications. Dr. Mohler takes it on.

Our Daily Grind – Danielle at 6YearMed has written another good blog post.

Wallpaper – Here is a collection of amazing wallpapers to help dress up your computer a little bit.