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A La Carte (1/18)

He Smelled of Urine and Infection - “Amy Julia Becker recently linked to the story of a couple named Greg and Tesney who adopted a son, Kirill, from Russia. I would say the story of his condition when in Russia was ‘heartbreaking,’ but I would not be doing that word justice.”

$5 Friday - Ligonier Ministries has some great items for sale in their $5 Friday, including R.C. Sproul’s newest book Are We Together? in hardcover (it’s a really good one). There are several other books and teaching series at the same price.

What Pastors Shouldn’t Tell Their Wives - Here’s a follow-up to an article I shared a couple of days ago (that is also linked in the first paragraph of this article). It addresses this question: How much should pastors tell their wives?

Theology and Doxology - I love this! “Theology that doesn’t make us sing has failed in its mission, no matter how correct it may be. Worship that doesn’t take us deeper into Christ has also failed, no matter how glorious the music or how applicable the sermon.”

No Matter How It Was Conceived - Randy Alcorn addresses a very difficult issue. “What if you found that your spouse or adopted child was fathered by a rapist? Would it change your view of their worth? Would you love them any less? If not, why should we view the innocent unborn child any differently?”

9 Things to Know - Joe Carter tells you 9 things you ought to know about Roe v. Wade.

From a Prison Cell to Planting Churches - Mez McConnell shares his testimony in this video. His new blog 20Schemes is one worth following.

The truths that I know best I have learned on my knees. I never know a thing well, till it is burned into my heart by prayer. —John Bunyan

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