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A La Carte (12/17)


Here are a few noteworthy articles that speak to the tragedy in Connecticut. Joey Newton was there in a pastoral capacity and has a first-hand account. Douglas Wilson challenges everyone to “think carefully before speaking or writing. This is not the time to be debating gun control, drone attacks in the Middle East, and it is certainly not the time to be drawing ham-fisted comparisons to the abortion carnage.”

The Real War on Christmas - Michael Horton takes a shot at the real war on Christmas and does it in the voice of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape.

Race and Identity - Thabiti Anyabwile writes about race and identity: “Only Christians have a sufficiently powerful answer to the dilemmas of race. For in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek. … Only a truly Christian anthropology can both affirm who we are in our unity and distinction while at the same time freeing us from slavery to those distinctions. Only the church has the answer to our racial conundrums.”

We stand in the present but dwell on the past in order that we can be steadfast for the future. —Dale Ralph Davis

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