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A La Carte (1/3)

Christian Parenting 101 - Jason Helopoulos: “Some of my greatest joys in life stem from being a parent to two delightful children. However, some of my greatest struggles in life also stem from being a parent to these same two children. There are days that I cannot imagine anything more rewarding and other days that I want to get into the fetal position and remain there for a week. Here are a few reminders for me and all the other Christian parents out there.”

Adding Color to Historic Photos - “Artist Mads Madsen has an amazing skill for colorizing old black and white photographs. Even beside their original counterpart the results are impressive, bringing a new dimension of realism to historic images.”

Works Worth Declaring - This article was my first exposure to a new blog. It is a powerful testimony to the Lord’s grace through suffering.

Hidden Spitfires - This is an amazing story: “Burma’s first large-scale export since the suspension of sanctions may well be 36 World War II Spitfire fighter planes buried at Rangoon’s Mingaladon Airport in 1945, according to the man who found them, David Cundall.”

Our Happiness Is a Warm Gun Celebrities - Douglas Wilson shares some insightful thoughts on the president, on celebrities, and a lot of other things. “In a constitutional republic, the normal ways for an arrogant politician to come a cropper would be through personal scandal and resignation, and/or repudiation at the polls. That’s the way we do. Very few pols, however much they may deserve it, are struck by lightning bolts or small meteorites.”

The church is not nearly so careful not to gossip about someone’s sinning as it is not to confront it and call for it to stop. —John MacArthur

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