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A La Carte (2/1)

God’s Smuggler - This month’s free audiobook from ChristianAudio is God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew. It’s a classic and definitely worth what you’ll pay for it! I can’t remember if we read it or listened to it as a family, but either way, we all enjoyed it.

To My Pro-Choice Neighbor - Keith Mathison gets right to the heart of the debate in this open letter to his pro-choice neighbor.

Welcoming Visitors - There are lots of good tips here about making visitors feel welcome at your church.

Wallpapers - In case you missed them yesterday afternoon, be sure to check out the February desktop wallpapers I posted. There are copies for your computer, phone, tablet or even Facebook.

The First Christian Service in Australia - “This Sunday is the 225th anniversary of the first Christian service in Australian, led by the Reverend Richard Johnson. A lot of churches will probably be talking about this on Sunday, so I thought I would put up the facts to facilitate the discussion.”

The Mormonizing of America - This is quite a good, readable and relatively new book that looks at the history of Mormonism, its contemporary impact, and the way it may play out in the future. It’s on sale for Kindle.

Care for Your Congregation - Here is a good little article for pastors on ways to care for your congregation. It’s very practical counsel!

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