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A La Carte (2/27)

The Place for Biblical Counseling - David Powlison: “Can local churches become a natural home for counseling ministry? Often the limitations or failures of the church get cited first, making it seem that church is at best an adjunct to ‘the real work of counseling.’ But, in principle, the local church is the natural home for face-to-face ministry. Counseling can and should thrive in local churches.”

Eerdmans Sale - Meanwhile Monergism Books has all their books from Eerdmans marked down by 45%. That includes titles from great commentary series like NICOT, NICNT, NIGTC and Pillar.

The Most Offensive Verse - Dan Phillips tells how he would response if he got ambushed by one of those antagonistic talk show hosts: “When Piers or Larry or Tavis or Rosie or Ellen or The View or whoever tried probing me about homosexuality, or wifely submission, or any other area where God has spoken (to the world’s consternation), I think I’d decline the worm altogether. I think instead, I’d say something like…”

Pilgrim Theology - Here is a new infographic that displays “some groundbreaking work from Michael Horton’s new theology book, Pilgrim Theology: Core Doctrines for Christian Disciples.”

5 Myths About Picking a Pope - This article comes from a distinctly pro-Catholic position, but it’s still an interesting take on a few myths about picking a new pope.

How I Become a Prolific Writer - There is hope here for the wannabe writer.

God soon turns from his wrath, but he never turns from his love. —C.H. Spurgeon

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