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A La Carte (3/22)

Two Sets of Wants - A reader directed me to a new blog and I found a great post there on parenting. A dad writes about his two competing sets of wants for his children. Good stuff!

A Writer’s Confession - “I’ve been reflecting lately on the real dangers of being a writer. One of the reasons I took a break from blogging for a while is because I was too consumed by checking statistics, subscriptions and comments. It started to become too much about me. Here are some things I have to daily repent of as a writer, in the form of a prayer.”

$5 Friday - Ligonier has some noteworthy deals in their $5 Friday including (among other things) R.C. Sproul’s commentary on Romans (in electronic editions) and The Holiness of God teaching series.

Heaven Is For Real - I guess it was inevitable. Heaven Is For Real is coming to the big screen. It will be co-produced by Joe Roth (Oz the Great and Powerful) and T.D. Jakes and directed by Randall Wallace, who wrote Braveheart and directed Secretariat.

How Many Hours Should Pastors Work? - Darryl has a very helpful take on how many hours pastors should work in a week and what they need to model before their congregations.

The Sentence Against God - Randy Alcorn + John Stott = a powerful article.

A Letter to the Church - Here is a letter to the church that you may do well to read.

Never undertake more Christian service than you can cover by believing prayer. —Alan Redpath

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