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A La Carte (4/1)

On Saturday I collaborated with my mother on a short memorial to Edith Schaeffer who had just gone to be with the Lord. Here are a couple of other articles, each written by one of her sons-in-law: Udo Middleman: “Today she “slipped into the nearer presence of Jesus”, her Lord, from whom she awaits the promised resurrection to continue her life on earth and to dance once again with a body restored to wholeness.” And here is the official announcement from L’Abri.

When God Is Not Enough - Scotty Smith: “When the glory of the one true living God is no longer our principal passion in life, worship becomes a pragmatic vehicle for fulfilling two basic quests in life: provision and protection. Instead of living for God’s glory and looking to Him to meet our needs, we exist for our glory and look for gods who will meet our demands.”

Saeed Abedini - CNN writes about Naghmeh Abedini whose husband has been imprisoned in Iran for his Christian beliefs.

60 Seconds Adventures in Thought - These 60 second adventures in thought are kind of fun. (HT)

Unorganized Religion - ‘Michael Gerson discusses the 20% of Americans who describe their religion as “none.”  It isn’t that the “Nones” (not to be confused with “nuns”) don’t believe in God, necessarily.  64% of them do.  They just don’t want to affiliate with any “organized religion.”’

Intended Allegory in the Song of Solomon - Jim Hamilton: “So here’s the simple proposal this post is inviting you to consider: is it possible that Solomon intended to represent the spiritual relationship between God and his people through a poetic depiction of the human relationship between the King and the Bride in the Song of Songs?”

I divide all readers into two classes: those who read to remember, and those who read to forget. —Willia Lyons Phelps

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