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A La Carte (4/20)

Multisite and Presence - The multisite discussion is an important one; I find myself learning a lot about the nature of the church by reading both sides. I find Carl Trueman’s latest reflections helpful in thinking about the importance of real presence.

An Office for Pastors’ Wives - “What role should a pastor’s wife or elder’s wife play in the church? What are her responsibilities? How can she serve as a helpmate to her husband in the ministry?” 9Marks has some helpful reflections on the topic.

SGM Relocated - Sovereign Grace Ministries announced yesterday that they are relocating to Louisville, Kentucky where C.J. Mahaney will also be planting a church.

And the Winner Isn’t… - I was wondering why there was no Pulitzer awarded in the fiction category this year. Ann Patchett talks about why it matters. “What I am sure of is this: Most readers hearing the news will not assume it was a deadlock. They’ll just figure it was a bum year for fiction. As a novelist and the author of an eligible book, I do not love this. It’s fine to lose to someone, and galling to lose to no one.”

The New Conversion - “Evangelicals are undergoing a sea change understanding when it comes to this pivotal moment in the believer’s life.”

The wonder of the cross is not the blood, but whose blood and to what purpose. —Donald English

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