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A La Carte (4/8)

Who Works - Here’s an interesting chart showing who is in the workforce and who is not.

Gospel Coalition Livestream - The Gospel Coalition conference begins today. You can follow it live online. I’m down here in Orlando for the next few days taking it all in.

Rick Warren - You may have heard the sad news that Rick Warren’s son took his own life a few days ago. USA Today covers the story and says that “thousands are responding to Pastor Rick Warren’s grief with compassion but others use the moment to attack him and his Christian message.” 

Learning from Africa’s Christians - Articles like this can sometimes be a little bit condescending. But not this one. Stephen Liggins suggests ways that Christians around the world can learn from their brothers and sisters in Africa.

Edith Schaeffer - The New York Times has a lengthy obituary for Edith Schaeffer.

Fal$e Teacher$ - Shai Linne risks alienating some of his audience by rapping about some of the prosperity teachers.

No man who is full of himself can ever truly preach the Christ who emptied himself. —J. Sidlow Baxter

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