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A La Carte (7/2)

When Fire Forces You From Home - Focus on the Family: “If you had only a few minutes to gather up a few select treasures of your life before fleeing a raging inferno, what would you take - and what would you leave behind? Families in Colorado Springs were faced with this very question this past Tuesday.”

Praying for Your Kiddos - Erin Davis offers some good counsel on ways that you can pray for your kids. I’m not so sure about the life verse, but definitely the others are very helpful.

Why Is Sandusky Guilty? - This short article from The Gospel Coalition makes a valid point: “If Sandusky had lived in a pre-Christian era, he would not have been found guilty of anything.”

Sherlock Holmes and the Bible - Eric McKiddie read the works of Sherlock Holmes and, in doing so, found a collection of quotes that can help us with our Bible study. It’s rather a neat article!

Why Posture Matters - Stephen Miller writes about how and why our posture in worship matters. I’m not sure that I agree with everything he says, but this is an area that definitely merits some thought.

The promise was between the Father and the Son, from all eternity, concerning your soul in particular. —Jeremiah Burroughs

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