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A La Carte (7/22)

Background Information - Andy Naselli takes on this question: “Is ‘Background Information’ Ever Necessary to Understand the Bible?” “My answer is a cautious yes: ‘background information’ (which I prefer to call the historical context) is sometimes necessary for understanding the Bible accurately.”

Why is the Charismatic Movement Thriving in Africa? - Conrad Mbewe: “I think that one reason why the Charismatic movement in Africa has been like a wild bushfire is because it has not challenged the African religious worldview but has instead adopted it. It has simply baptised it with Bible verses and Christian words that previously meant something totally different.”

Serengeti Lions - I really enjoyed this article from National Geographic: “They say that cats have nine lives, but they don’t say that about the Serengeti lion. Life is hard and precarious on this unforgiving landscape, and dead is dead. For the greatest of African predators as well as for their prey, life spans tend to be short, more often terminating abruptly than in graceful decline.”

An Interview With Russell Moore - Michelle Boorstein of the Washington Post interviews Russell Moore, “In an interview at The Washington Post, Moore talked about racial injustice, the dangers of ‘chemical’ abortion and the importance of Christianity’s ‘freakishness’.”

Disciple-Making - I appreciate Erik Raymonds thoughts on discipleship and how it doesn’t have to be a formal program. “Here is my main point: disciple-making is ordinary Christianity. It is fundamental to it. Like learning to count and say your alphabet in the natural realm, there is scarcely any part of the Christian life where discipleship does not touch. In so far as Christianity is a community faith, it is a disciple-making faith.”

Flower Timelapse - This is pretty amazing.

What our Lord said about cross-bearing and obedience is not in fine type. It is in bold print on the face of the contract. —Vance Havner

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