A La Carte (7/21)

Recent Scenes from Iraq – Another excellent photo essay from Boston.com.

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E-Book Sales – “Amazon.com Inc. said it reached a milestone, selling more e-books than hardbacks over the past three months. But publishers said it is still too early to gauge for the entire industry whether the growth of e-books is cannibalizing sales of paperback books, a huge and crucial market.”

Shepherding Your Children – Here’s a must-read article from Brian Croft on one way a father can faithfully shepherd his children.

Filthy Calvinists – Frank Turk writes about people who love to hate Calvinism. He mentions something I wrote and says it was the most strongly worded statement I’ve ever made. He must not have read this review.

Reel Discernment – People who are way more culturally hip than I am hate this show. But I think Boundless’ Reel Discernment is very helpful when thinking about movies. Here is the latest episode.