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A La Carte (7/8)

Mahaney’s Leave of Absence - An interesting update from C.J. Mahaney: “With a few potential exceptions, I will be taking a break from updating this blog for a while, and I want to share with you the reasons why and entreat you for your prayers while I am on leave.” Dave Harvey explains further.

Urban Theology - Carl Trueman writes about the contemporary church’s fixation on the city. Make sure you don’t give up on the first paragraph which is an inside joke. From there this is a really good read. “Not that cities are not important: as areas where there are the highest concentrations of human beings, they are inevitably significant as mission fields. Rather, we were thinking of the `from a Garden to a City’ hermeneutic which jumps from scripture to giving modern urban sprawl some kind of special eschatological significance. Was there ever a thinner hermeneutical foundation upon which so much has been built?”

The Gospel Is for Christians - A blurb I wrote for a new book: “Written in an engaging, winsome way, his book will challenge and shape you. It will tell you why you need to believe the gospel to have eternal life and why you need to dwell upon this gospel, love it, feed upon it, depend upon it every day. The gospel is for Christians and so too is this book. I highly recommend it to you.”

Counseling One Another - Paul Tautges has a new blog that looks quite promising. Paul’s passion is in training Christians to do the work of counseling within the context of Christian discipleship. This blog will offer instruction on doing that.

Planned Parenthood - “An in-depth investigation of Planned Parenthood by Americans United for Life, the nation’s first pro-life public-interest law and policy organization (where I serve as Senior Vice President and Senior Council), demonstrates that abortion is central to Planned Parenthood’s business. The AUL Report, however, uncovers much, much more than just the importance of abortion to Planned Parenthood operations. It reveals Planned Parenthood practices that are irresponsible, dangerous, and fly in the face of the organization’s claims of dedication to women in need of medical services.”

World’s Scariest Runways - Here are some hair-raising videos of the world’s scariest runways. I bet a lot of MAF pilots look at this and scoff.

Conscience is God’s sergeant. He employs it to arrest the sinner. —William Gurnall

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