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A La Carte (8/20)

Trusting Christ through Trauma - Patrick Schreiner (son of theologian Tom Schreiner) writes: “On Friday morning my Mom was involved in a bike accident which was labeled by the doctors as moderate to very severe.” He writes about hope even in the middle of this situation.

Tall Buildings - Is there a limit to how tall buildings can get. Apparently yes and no. It’s an interesting article, even if no one really knows.

The Shelf Life - David Mathis writes about the shelf life of preaching the gospel to yourself. “The clock is ticking. If you’re faithfully preaching the gospel to your own soul, day in and day out, but distancing yourself from regular Bible intake, your freshness is fading. There’s an expiration date on this fruit once it’s off the vine.”

Suggestions for Theologians - Andy Naselli shares John Frame’s thirty suggestions for young seminarians or theologians. Example: “Value your relationship with Christ, your family, and the church above your career ambitions. You will influence more people by your life than by your theology. And deficiencies in your life will negate the influence of your ideas, even if those ideas are true.”

Dimwitted Discourse - This is a little bit overdone, but still instructive and funny.

Oh, if we could not die, it would be indeed horrible! Who wants to be chained to this poor life for a century or longer?C.H. Spurgeon

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