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A La Carte (8/6)

The Future of Evangelicalism - Patheos has invited a long list of people to submit an article about the future of evangelicalism. Some of them are really quite good. Be sure to check out the one by Justin Taylor, Collin Hansen and Kevin DeYoung.

A Shout Out to Moms - Jon Seger: “Any time someone asks me where my wife works or what she does, I usually preface my response with, ‘My wife’s got a much more difficult job than me.  She stays at home to raise & care for our son.’  Here’s why.” He then links to an advice column which gives a shout out to moms.

The Ruling Class - Nancy Pearcey writes about the ruling class and how they hold on to power. “Because secularism gives no basis for objective morality, secularists dismiss moral objections as mere private feelings and preferences. Then they tell opponents they have no right to apply their private preferences in the public square — whether in politics or business or education or healthcare.”

ESV Study Bible on Logos - The ESV Study Bible is soon coming to Logos. You can preorder now and save yourself a few dollars.

Online Communion - An article in the Telegraph talks about a minister who is doing communion by Twitter. Here’s the big disconnect in my mind. If community is virtual, if we can still have “communion” via digital media, how is it that we still require physical bread and wine? If we’re experiencing virtual communion, shouldn’t we also be eating and drinking virtual bread and wine?

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