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A La Carte (8/9)


12 Myths About Calvinism - Michael Patton debunks twelve myths about Calvinism.

10 Things Christ Promises to Reward - And here are 10 things Christ promises to reward. “The truth is, if you are a Christian, God has already given you the incredible opportunity of knowing the future so that you may be able to invest your life wisely in the light of it. The Scriptures tell us specifically about the things that Christ will reward.”

When Helping Helps - This is quite a moving article that explains how to help those who are suffering, and especially those who are suffering with cancer. “I want to start by saying how very beautifully my community did at supporting me and caring for my family. I have been so well loved. This is a post to help a community enter this kind of story. My heart longs for everyone facing what I did to be loved as well as I was. As a community and a family, we learned a few things along the way that could be helpful to you.”

Forgiven People Forgive - Tullian Tchividjian finds a good and helpful modern illustration of Luke 7 and the woman who was forgiven much.

Worst Shark Attack in History - Smithsonian magazine tells the sad story of USS Indianapolis and the worst shark attack in history.

If we refuse mercy here, we shall have justice in eternity. —Jeremy Taylor

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