5 140-Character Encouragers

Twitter TThere are many different reasons to use Twitter; there are many different good reasons to use Twitter. Some use it for pure entertainment value; some use it to share news and information; some use it to relate to other people. These are all equally valid. There are a precious few people who use Twitter to encourage others in the Lord. These are people who put in some extra effort to package truth in 140 characters or less. And for that reason I think they all merit a “follow.” Here are 5 people who encourage me 140 characters at a time:

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Lord, give me a heart that will sing praise to you after a beating, in prison, at sleepless midnight. (Acts 16:25)

One of the great benefits of vacation is that there are no deadlines for being done with devotions.

After calming the sea he said, “Why are you afraid?” Not because Christians never drown. But they are safe in drowning.

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore, go.” You are universally and infinitely authorized.


Our only path to freedom is surrender of self and only path to peace is death to self, and the Holy Spirit lightens the only path to both.

Lord, you owe us nothing but give us everything, beyond our imaginations. We owe you everything but give you nothing.

Humility doesn’t come by acting to make ourselves seem humble to others but by striving to forget ourselves for others.

Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use @twitter.


Confession is a grace. Only grace can convince you to abandon your righteousness and run to the merciful arms of the Lord.

You don’t have to know what’s going to happen today because the Holy Spirit does. He lives in you and empowers you to do what is right.

Obedience is freedom. Better to follow the Master’s plan than do what you weren’t wired to do – master yourself.

Your needs have been met by the amazing provisions of a God of grace. Today is another invitation to live like you really do believe it.


Though we should greatly long for Jesus’ 2nd coming, there’s so much more of his 1st coming we have yet to “get” & savor

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what you’re going to do FOR Jesus. Just jump in where he’s already at work

Every day with Jesus may not be sweeter than the day before, but it IS one day closer 2 life in the new heaven/new earth

The gospel doesn’t call us to rededicate our lives to Jesus, but to come alive to Jesus’ total dedication to us

@lastport (Harry Schaumburg)

How little I comprehend that my life in the hands of the Potter is the design of infinite wisdom. God reigns, not chance!

The heart is deceitful, containing a secret godlessness, where one subtly avoids doing the will of God and follows their own will.

The spiritually, relationally, & sexually immature worship the false god of self in believing they have a right to take care of themselves.

It is the discipline of the Lord that delivers us from the deceitfulness of our own hearts. There is no other way to maturity.