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A La Carte (9/13)


Six Questions - Here are six questions that will “radically change your marriage.” That may be over-stating the case a wee little bit, but they are still well worth asking.

Destroy Your Marriage Before It Begins - This article offers four different ways Satan will seek to destroy your marriage before it even begins.

Mysteries of Air Travel - Here are answers to a few of your questions about air travel.

Horrible, Glorious, Allowable - “Here are three categories.  One, the obviously horrible.  Two, the obviously glorious.  Three, the in-between kinda sorta okay allowable.  Where does your church draw the line of acceptability and unacceptability between those three categories?  Specifically, the in-between kinda sorta okay allowable — is that acceptable or unacceptable within your church culture?”

Science of Introversion and Extroversion - You know there has to be some science somewhere in introversion and extroversion. This article covers it well.

Cohabitation Is Stalling - Cohabitation rates are stalling. That sounds like a good thing, but Russell Moore tells you why you may not want to get too excited quite yet.

Common Words - Here are the meanings behind common words you may find on food labels. 

He who begins by seeking God within himself may end by confusing himself with God. —B.B. Warfield

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