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A La Carte (9/19)

Praying for Your Pastor - “One of the great encouragements in my ministry is knowing that many at Redeemer regularly and frequently pray for me. There are a number of ways we should be praying for our leaders in the church, but as we approach Sunday I want to encourage you to pray for your pastors and their preaching in 4 specific ways.”

Quit Picking on Video Games - Video games and the people who play them have become an easy mark for pastors. Stephen Altrogge asks such pastors to stop.

Why We Don’t Burn Things - Christians (typically) don’t burn things when God is mocked. Here’s at least a partial explanation as to why this is.

An Eye-Opening Book - David Murray writes a glowing review of a book I loved: Eyes Wide Open (Here’s my review).

Speaking With Tongues Speakers - Josiah Grauman has a couple of interesting questions you may want to ask if you encourage speaking in tongues or if you interact with those who do.

Soda Ban Explained - Here’s a short video that tries to explain the New York soda ban. Though this ban applies to only a limited area, it provides an interesting commentary on the role of government in our lives.

To call a Christian a “theist” is roughly equivalent to calling the space shuttle Atlantis a “glider.”R.C. Sproul

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