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A La Carte (9/19)


One of the Twelve - “Monday’s Navy Yard shooting ended with twelve innocent people murdered. One of them was Marty Bodrog. Marty, along with his wife Melanie, was a faithful part of Immanuel Bible Church. He was the kind of guy who causes people to conclude that God gives certain men the grace to father daughters; Marty was gregarious yet gentle, towering yet kind. Indeed he had three daughters, Izzy, Sophie, and Rita—two of whom are still in high school, and all three have their father’s wit and gentleness.”

Biblical-Era Town Discovered - A biblical-era town has been discovered along the Sea of Galilee. “Archaeologists suggest it could be the town of Dalmanutha described in the New Testament as the place Jesus sailed to after the miracle of the seven loaves and fish.”

Colorado Floods - The Big Picture has a photo gallery of the Colorado floods.

God Told Me - “When someone begins a sentence with ‘God told me …’ I have to admit a silent alarm goes off somewhere inside me—unless the phrase is followed by a verse of Scripture. I know that many see this as the way the Christian life is supposed to work—that if we are really in fellowship with God we will be able to sense him speaking to us through an inner voice. But I’m not so sure.”

Rick Warren on CNN - Rick Warren was recently a guest on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN. You can read the transcript here. I think you will find it encouraging.

Not This Time - If you’re a fan of Kansas or classic CCM, you may enjoy this video from John Elefante. You need to watch right to the end to get the context.

May not many of our barren seasons be ascribed to the fact that we did not thank God for fruitful ones?C.H. Spurgeon

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