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A La Carte (9/3)


Understanding the Times - The current edition of Tabletalk magazine has an interesting interview with Carl Trueman. I especially appreciated his take on the importance of church history and the real scandal of the Evangelical mind.

Discovery - Here’s a high-resolution 360 degree view of the flight deck of Space Shuttle Discovery. It’s amazingly rudimentary when you compare it to the Airbus A380.

Extreme Views on Abortion - Denny Burk asks who really holds the extreme views on abortion.

Canada Explained - It’s obviously not entirely without some left-leaning political bias, but video does a pretty good job of describing Canada’s strange political system. (The video came in a time when Canada had a minority government; this is no longer the case)

Facebook and Privacy - Here are a few tricks Facebook uses to make money off you.

Spurgeon Manuscript - If you’ve ever wanted to own one of those Charles Spurgeon manuscript pages, here’s your chance; Rare Document Traders has them on sale over the Labor Day weekend.

Work is always healthier for us than idleness; it is always better to wear out shoes than sheets. —C.H. Spurgeon

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