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A La Carte (9/6)


I Don’t Remember Chemistry - I appreciate Stephen Altrogge’s thoughts here. “Is it possible we’re setting the bar too high for ourselves and our children? That maybe we’re getting a little carried away? And that maybe, just maybe, we’re going beyond what God requires of us as parents?”

New Look at the Prince of Preachers - I am enjoying Tom Nettles’ new biography of Charles Spurgeon. The Gospel Coalition recently interviewed him about Spurgeon and about the book.

The Ache of Mortality - “In the sweet seasons, the ache is bittersweet; time is moving along, and we’ll never return to the goodness that is right now. In the dark or painful seasons, the seasons of waiting, the awareness that life is quickly passing is all the more acute because lingering within is that question: When, Lord? How long, Lord?”

All His Breakers and His Waves - Jared Wilson: “Our little church is feeling a little beat up right now. What is God doing? … But I feel (fear?) that God is seasoning us. I mean, I know he is. I know what suffering is for. I’ve had my own. God crushing me was honestly the best thing he ever did for me. But I feel protective right now. And overwhelmed. The caregivers in our community — which is most of our community — are running on fumes. We feel unprepared, incapable, dumb.”

How to Criticize a Preacher - We all want to criticize a preacher sooner or later. David Murray offers some tips on doing it well.

It is almost as presumptuous to think you can do nothing as to think you can do everything. —Phillips Brooks

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